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But, in reality, there is a decidedly more cynical underside to all this euphoria.

In Silicon Valley, after all, many founders will often do whatever is necessary to protect their creations—whether that means paying a hefty legal settlement to hush the people who helped hatch the idea for their company in the first place (Facebook, Square, Snapchat), callously vanquishing a co-founder (Twitter, Foursquare, Tinder), or remorselessly breaking laws and putting thousands of people out of work (Uber, Airbnb, among hundreds of others). In order to save his beloved start-up, the Silk Road, an Amazon-like “everything store” for the Dark Web, he needed to “call on my muscle,” as he put it to one associate. Ulbricht hadn’t intended for it to all come down to this.

Ulbricht, who operated on the site under the pseudonym “Dread Pirate Roberts”—a nod to the 80s movie , a Canadian whom he had never met in real life but who operated on the Silk Road under the nom de plume “Variety Jones.” The first solution to the management crisis seemed the easiest: to simply pay the employee, Curtis Green, a visit and subsequently scare him into returning the stolen money.

The second solution involved beating Green up for his treason.

Whatever reservations Ulbricht may have had seemed quickly overwhelmed by his own ambitions to keep the site growing.

Ulbricht’s idea for an e-commerce site that operated on the Dark Web, beyond the watchful eye of the government, may have seemed galling to some. Countless start-ups were already trying to capitalize on the legalization of marijuana in various states.

Others operated in similarly opaque markets, like facilitating prostitution on pseudo dating Web sites.

Cars facilitated tens of thousands of casualties per year, he noted, yet they remained highly unregulated and were capable of going several times the speed limit.

The same was true with alcohol and cigarettes, which have killed millions.

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