Canadian dating traditions

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He tried enlisting the support of a mentor through an immigration support program in Victoria and also applied for government positions.“I applied for quite a few jobs, and got a total of two interviews. With both positions I came in second; in one position they clearly preferred a Canadian with more Canadian experience and they even told me to my face: ‘She [the winning candidate] knows someone at the Globe and Mail.’ I did not stand a chance, did I? Besides his claim that the skilled worker program is misleading, the other form of bias that he feels is rampant is age discrimination.

Duty calls A college strike proved to be fateful for Indian-born Praveen Rao who moved to Canada for a better education.He is currently pursuing his Ph D, is happily married and is a Canadian citizen.Yet, the 40-year-old Pakistani-born immigrant is all set to leave Canada for good in 2013. Wendy Cukier, founder, Diversity Institute in Management and Technology at Ryerson University, in a presentation, cites a study (Watt et al.,2008) that shows that 40 per cent of immigrants who entered Canada in the skilled worker or business class left Canada within their first 10 years.He is leaving Canada for good this spring, but he departs with a heavy heart.“My wife is American, and Swiss society is pretty conservative.

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