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Highlights include the Hall of the Celestial Kings with its many fine 12th-century sculptures, including those of the Four Celestial Kings, and the 34-meter-high Sumptuous Hall of the Great Hero (Daxiong Baodian), famous among pilgrims for its 20-meter-tall gilded statue of Buddha made of 24 pieces of camphor wood.Also notable here is The Peak That Flew from Afar (Feilai Feng), a mountain riddled with numerous caves and niches, the latter containing 380 Buddha statues dating from the 10th century, including the three oldest examples dating from 951 AD and found in the east wall of the Qinglin Cave.The focal point of a visit to Hangzhou is beautiful West Lake around which much of the oldest part of the city is centered.Surrounded by hills and old temples, this large lake covers an area of nearly six square kilometers and is divided into five sections by the Su and Baidi Causeways: the Outer Lake (Wai Hu), the North Inner Lake (Beili Hu), the West Inner Lake (Xili Hu), the South Lake (Xiaonan Hu), and Lake Yue (Yue Hu).Hangzhou was famously described by Marco Polo as the most beautiful city in the world and is also known as the Silk City for its long tradition of manufacturing the material - a tradition that lives on in its many silk mills and markets.Today, the city is also popular for its famous Dragon Well tea (lóngjǐng chá), hand picked twice a year and celebrated, like its silk production, in a variety of splendid attractions.Also worth a visit is the city's Leifeng Pagoda (Léi Fēng Tǎ), a splendid five-story octagonal tower overlooking West Lake that dates from 975 AD, and the ancient stone Baochu Pagoda perched atop Precious Stone Hill.Another of Hangzhou's many splendid historic sites is the Lingyin Temple (Língyǐn Sì), the Temple of the Soul's Retreat, dating from 326 BC and one of the most famous Buddhist monasteries in China.

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It's also home to many fine old bridges, most notably the Broken Bridge (Duanqiao) linking the Baidi Causeway with the shore.Also, I don't like the fact that I have to reset my search distance continually. I had been on 6 years ago and met "The right one" and she was awesome but sickness prevented a happy ending. Our users can exchange contacts by contacting customer support. and when I saw the payment options, I was really hesitant because it's really not safe to give your card details on a dating site...Where I want to look for people should be up to me. If I ever want to look for someone this is the only site I would go. I was also honest with the men chatting me that they can chat me directly to my viber account or to my other contacts so that I would not pay here...some answered a very weird message like it is not realted to what I've said.. is a legit community and we put a lot of effort into keeping it safe, modern and secure. We have a special verification team to check all our members are real.Tracing its roots back as far as 970 AD to the former pagoda, believed to have stood 150 meters tall and to have served as a lighthouse, the present structure was built in 1899 with the original ancient brick core retained and covered in wood cladding (also of interest are the many replicas of other pagodas from across China).A climb to the top of the building, accessible via a staircase, is well worth the effort for its superb views over the Qiantang River and its 1,322-meter road-and-rail bridge built in 1937.

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