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He or she does not have to provide the court with reasons.In England and Wales, the prosecution and defence have no such right to stand down jurors.It would be even more time-consuming to adopt the US voir-dire system whereby jurors are questioned by counsel to identify potential biases before they are selected.In Bermuda, the prosecution can stand down jurors as they are called into the jury box.

The Royal Gazette attempted to contact Mr Horton yesterday for clarification on the decisions made on December 2, but was unsuccessful.They do not have to give any reason or explanation for their decision.Similarly, a defendant has the right to make three objections once a jury panel has been chosen.The report contains an independent assessment by an experienced public order practitioner of the planning, command, and tactics used by the police along with ten recommendations to be considered, the spokesman said. The system of selecting juries in Bermuda that allows for both the prosecution and defence to stand down jurors without providing reasons does not need to be reformed, according to Chief Justice Ian Kawaley.Mr Justice Kawaleys comments follow a recent criminal trial involving three defendants in which it took more than a day to find 12 jurors to hear the case.

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