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Choose Pet Plan which may start at a higher rate but they do not increase payments like this.I am disgusted and will be putting the money aside instead. Comment on this Review I have two dogs which have insurance with Sainsbury's the premiums started low .

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They have just put the insurance up to 1110.68 a year.I'm afraid, like others, I won't be renewing the insurance this year.I Comment on this Review I have had to fight for every penny of a claim for my German Shepherd, I have been lied to and given incorrect advise. Have paid thousands to them and when asked to pay out 200 they slapped all exclusions on from 8 years previously for conditions my vet said was ridiculous. Comment on this Review 2,500 I payed upfront as this insurance company were messing around and my dog was in pain. They have been through my dogs history and found any minor ailment, this has then been manipulated to avoid coughing up! the more you love your pet, look after them and get them to old age the more you penalise us. Comment on this Review I made a very big mistake choosing Sainsbury's for pet insurance. Comment on this Review My beloved beautiful English Bulldog Pearl was put to sleep yesterday and today still in tears I am about to cancel the other three dog policies we have with this literal Rip Off company - as I put it to them on the phone..

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