Strauss dating survey

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To provide an instrument to researchers and professionals to assess victimization in dating relationships, with adequate psychometric properties.

Confirmatory analyses results provided evidence of a clear factorial structure that was invariant through sex groups.

Over 33% of these aggressive acts were classified as severe (e.g., punching, beating up, threatening with a knife or gun).

Women are up to six times as likely to suffer violence at the hands of a partner or ex-partner than from a stranger (Bachman & Saltzman, 1995; Koss et al., 1994), and are more likely to suffer injury when their assailant is an intimate (Bachman & Salztman, 1995). Family Precursors: Expected and actual consequences of dating aggression.

The DVQ-R measures with 20 items five dimensions of abuse in affective interpersonal relationships of adolescents and youth: Detachment, Humiliation, Coercion, Physical and Sexual violence.

Internal consistency indexes were adequate for both each one of the five dimensions as well as for the general scale.

About 1,800,000 to 4,000,000 US women are physically abused by their partners annually (Straus & Gelles, 1986).

Approximately 20-30% of marriages in this country have been characterized at one point by overt interpersonal aggression (Straus & Gelles, 1990; Straus, Gelles, & Steinmetz, 1980).

La problemática de las relaciones afectivas entre los jóvenes ofrece como punto débil el no contar con un instrumento específico, válido y fiable.

El objetivo es ofrecer un instrumento fácil de administrar a los investigadores y los profesionales para evaluar la victimización en las relaciones afectivas de adolescentes y jóvenes.

This paper helps fill that gap by analyzing data from two surveys: a study of 526 dating couples at a large midwestern university, and a study of a national probability sample of 5005 married and 237 cohabiting couples.

The results show that cohabiting couples have a higher rate of assault than dating and married couples.

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