Updating windows without a cd gmu dating

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Today in this topic, we are going to cover another more annoying problem which is also related to Windows 8 purchase and download.

Many people who tried to download Windows 8 setup files after purchasing it using , faced an irritating problem. For a few people the download failed after reaching 100% status.

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Just delete the whole "Web Setup" folder or rename it and run upgrade assistant or Windows 8 installer again.This tutorial will also help if you have already downloaded Windows 8 successfully but didn't create any installation media to have a backup of the setup files.You can take help of this tutorial to re-download Windows 8.When users tried to re-run upgrade assistant to re-download Windows 8 setup files, it asked them to purchase Windows 8 again. Why should they pay again if they have already paid for it?It seems the upgrade assistant program is a little bit buggy, that's why it causes such kind of problems for some people.

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